On Skeem Saam he portrays the role of Lehasa, a businessman who got the hots for Sonti. In real life Cedric Anthony Fourie is a lover of all things arts, acting and performing. 5 things you didn’t know about Skeem Saam hottie Cedric Anthony Fourie.

1. He’s 27-years-old born and bred in Orlando West, Soweto.
2. He’s related to actor Freedom Hadebe whom he says inspires him.
3. He studied a BComm after school although he did not complete it because he couldn’t    afford the fees. He also worked as a network engineer at various companies for six years.
4. He been signed to Skeem Saam is his ᠼrst big break. He initially had a six-month          contract with the show but is now on a full time contract.
5. He loves kids, a lot.