Actress Keketso Semoko has detailed the difficulties that involved leaving Isidingo after 16 years of playing Ma Agnes‚ saying she knew she wanted to go behind the scenes.
During an interview on Real Talk with Anele Keketso said she decided to end her journey with the soapie because she got too comfortable.

“It’s so strange‚ because I knew that when I turn 50 I would end ma Agnes’s journey. I wanted to walk away from Agnes‚ and they didn’t believe me. It is not because I didn’t love that character or Isidingo. But it’s because it got to a point where I started to take it for granted. When there are no butterflies in the stomach in the morning before going to work and then I realised that I’m too comfortable with this person‚ then I knew it was time to act‚” she said.

The veteran actress has since bagged a role as producer on Skeem Saam.

“I always wanted to end up behind the scenes. Producing became the next level for me. It was a matter of growth‚” she said

Keketso‚ who left the soapie in 2014‚ said Ma Agnes “owned” her life for 16 years.

“When I was Ma Agnes‚ I would go do other productions but I’d tell them you can’t remove my eyebrows or dye my hair‚ because I represent that woman; Ma Agnes. I always had to think about her. I couldn’t just go dye my hair ginger. I once had dreadlocks but that wasn’t Ma Agnes. My hair belonged to Isidingo. There are a lot of things I couldn’t do‚ just so I could stay authentic to my character‚” she said.

Actress Keketso Semoko talks about ‘letting go’ of Ma Agnes