While Mzansi is still digesting a viral video showing a school teacher slapping a pupil after an argument, TV and radio star Anele Mdoda has weighed in on what she believes a teacher’s role is in the life of a child.

On Wednesday, a video showing a heated confrontation between a teacher and a pupil at Sans Souci Girls’ High School in Newlands, Cape Town, left the country divided.

She made it clear that she believes it is not a school teacher’s job to teach children manners. She believes manners are the parent’s or guardian’s job, while the teacher’s job is to educate the child.

“It’s not a teachers job to teach your child manners, you teach them manners and teachers educate them. When will they grow their minds when they are too busy trying to get them to stay off their phones,” Anele tweeted.

The Voice SA presenter sympathised with the teachers, saying that they are “going through the most” but said that nobody involved in the incident was completely blameless.

Anele engaged with many people who offered differing views about whether the teacher was right to slap the girl.

She said the way she saw it was that people are as rude on social media as in real life, including in schools.

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