The Soweto-born beauty has taken to Instagram to show off her steaming swimsuit photo shoot to promote her new business.

The mother of one is all about embracing her new-found confidence which surprisingly, she didn’t always show.
The Uzalo actress admits that she hasn’t always been this confident in her skin, it was only at 19 that she started to ditch the tomboyish look and started to dress more feminine. As she received more compliments, her confidence started to build for the young Nyalleng.
“I was taught to find my worth in internal things like character, which is why I ended up being an engineer. When I got to the University of Cape Town, guys fussed about me. I wasn’t used to that attention. Then I realized that maybe I wasn’t bad looking. That’s when I started loving myself and my body.” She said during her interview with Sowetan Live.

The upcoming actress has started her own business and now owns her own brand of water which she plans on taking to the international market. Her onscreen persona is not big about se.x appeal but focuses more on outrageous hairstyles instead, but when the cameras are turned off, the se.xiness comes out to play.

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