This week marks two years since gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane passed away after having kidney failure – but his wife Ayanda Ncwane keeps their bedding to stay connected to him.

In an interview, Ayanda revealed that she is not yet ready to let go of her husband’s memory and has kept everything in their Johannesburg home the same as it was while he was still alive.

“I still feel very connected to Sfiso,” she said. “I know we said the vows – till death do us part – and death did us part, but I am not ready to part. I haven’t been able to accept that. I’m not ready to let go.”


Although her friends find it a bit strange that she has so many reminders of her late husband in her house, Ayanda is adamant she will keep them until she was ready to finally let go.

“When I’m ready to remove his pictures, it will happen naturally.” Two months ago, Ayanda published a book in honour of her late husband which she started writing in January last year as an outlet whenever she was feeling down.

“Nothing was planned. I wrote according to the way I was feeling and when I needed to express myself,” she said.

Source : Drum