Celebrities who have gone through a divorce

They may have been your favourite couple but sadly ended their marriage way to soon.

The news of Unathi separating from her husband, Thomas Msengana is still a hard pill to swallow for many who rooted for their love.  Their seperation reminds us of these former couples who got divorced after a few years of marriage.
Here’s a list of media personalities and celebrities who signed the divorce papers after building a somewhat happy home together.

Connie Ferguson & Neo Matsunyane


Connie and Neo Matsunyane got married back in the 90’s…

The two shared a common passion when it comes to acting and directing so it was no surprise when we found out that they got married back in the day. The two got divorced a couple of years later and have a daughter together.

Proverb & Onalerona


Seeing these two separate was also heartbreaking to witness, they seemed so in love and their relationship looked as though it was going to stand the test of time.

The former couple has been divorced for almost a year now and seem to be in a good space in their lives separately.

Sonia Sedibe and Lesley Sedibe


After 8-years of marriage, Sonia Sedibe called it quits with her ex-husband Leslie Sedibe. Whilst in the process of her divorce to Leslie, Sonia confirmed in a True Love Magazine interview that she had suffered a mild stroke. Sonia explained that her and Leslie were just two different people who eventually could not make their relationship work.

Sophie Ndaba and Bishop Keith Harrington


The actress and wedding planner got divorced from her ex back in 2013. Bishop Keith then went on to marry a colleague of his in 2015.

Sophie Ndaba was also previously married to actor Themba Ndaba.

Andile Ncube and Ayanda Thabethe


After getting married for a brief moment, Ayanda and Andile separated. In an interview with Drum, Ayanda clarified that the two were not legally married despite having done a traditional wedding. Ayanda also shared that she learned a lot about herself whilst briefly married to Andile.

In an interview on Cliff Central, Andile also mentioned that his marriage to Ayanda wasn’t horrible.

Lebo M


Lebo M has been married four times and recently broke up with his ex-fiance’ and Generations actress Zoe Mthiyane. He’s been divorced several times.

Trevor Gumbi and Lucille


Then there was Trevor and Lucille who recently confirmed their divorce on social media. Trevor has used his divorce experience on his new show that is set to hit the road in November.

Precious Kofi and Mr Schamel

Although Precious tried to keep her divorce under wraps, she eventually opened up about her divorce recently on Facebook. We must say her announcement was a real shocker. Precious was also married for a few years and has two kids with her ex-husband.

Azania and Tony Ndoro


Azania and SuperSports anchor Tony Ndoro were married for six years, the former couple are both seasoned broadcasters

Azania is rumored to be dating fellow broadcaster, Sizwe Dhlomo



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