True love exists and one couple showed just how they value wedding vows by getting married at the mall. With January upon us, many people are counting their losses and heavily suffering from the dreaded “January Disease”.Couple Gets Married At The Mall. Lunch At Hungry Lion.

Couple Gets Married At The Mall. Lunch At Hungry Lion : PICS

This however did not stop one couple from fulfilling their dream of walking down the aisle. Well, in this case, the couple walked down the isle of a shopping mall as they decided to exchange vows at the mall.

Pictures of the couple having the time of their lives started circulating on social media and received mixed reactions from people,

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The newlyweds even kept it simple and had their reception lunch at a fast-food joint in the mall. They joined the queue with other patrons to have a bite of chicken at Hungry Lion.

There was talk of whether the couple is South African or not but some people quickly pointed out that it did not matter what their nationality is as long as they love each other.

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