Besides Khethani, Moremogolo has to be one of the most interesting characters we’ve seen thus far on the Date My Family show.

Everything about him was rather weird but interesting, from his use of language to his mannerism, this gentleman undoubtedly made our Sunday evening quite entertaining.

Having a good vocabulary can definitely work to your advantage, especially if you’re trying to impress someone you’re wanting to date. But being verbose about it, will either make you come across as annoying or it will completely confuse the people in your presence.

Like when Moremogolo was trying to explain the concept of ‘today & tomorrow.’

Or when he described the male species as a department that branches out.

And of course the Twitter reactions were on fire as they dragged Moremogolo from her to kingdom come!

Even the people of his home-province of Limpopo disowned him and are happy for another province to claim him.

But then again, we’d also disown a person who does this at the dinner table…

And of course the confused tweets just kept rolling in.