A few weeks ago, the former Muvhango actress took to Instagram to share that she was letting go of her wedding ring. “I promise to keep you safe and to one day give you to the woman who will be Kgosi’s heartkeeper. I will love you, forever and always,” read the post, in part.

Simphiwe told the Fresh Breakfast team that she and Dumi had many plans including having children and that they already had names. She said she had to start hoping again after her husband passed on.

“Because after Dumi passed away everything came crumbling down for me. My dreams, I mean we dreamt together, So, that means everything that I had dreamt of was wiped, so I had to start dreaming again, and start hoping again.”

Of course, the journey hasn’t been easy for her. No one imagines losing a partner at a young age. So, what do you do when the love of your life is suddenly snatched away from you? We cannot imagine what that feels like.

Simphiwe explained that grief becomes your friend, “you become comfortable in grief. I remember the first time I laughed after Dumi passed away. It felt so awkward, it felt like a foreign feeling, you know. It felt almost uncomfortable, like ‘why are you laughing?’. It felt so out of place because I was so consumed in the sadness, but for me that was the first step of moving forward with my life…

The actress revealed that she does think about moving on and getting into other relationships. She told the Metro FM hosts: “And that still terrifies me. I’m at that point where… I’m just like ‘you know what, people are seeing flames out there’ and I was spoiled, Dumi did everything for me, you know, and he treated me a certain way. And, for me, I think about that and I’m like ‘yho! Is there a guy that will ever be able to handle me?”

Simphiwe added: “It’s a difficult thing to think about because I’m young, I still want to have kids someday. So, I’ve left it up to God because I know the God that gave Dumi to me, is capable to give me a man that could be better.”