Madimetja is known for his sermons but when he got some time on the pulpit, the dude preached the gospel Vaseline.

Madimetja, played by Aaron Moloisi, is getting ready to tie the knot and told his missus that she doesn’t have to wear amaMac or Chanel make-up but Vaseline e sharp!

His reasoning: lipstick has the potential to make his queen look a little cheap.

We’re not sure he should be giving up his day job to span at a beauty shop in Braams but the dude probably won over all the ladies who were thinking make-up is a tad expensive in the middle of the month.

Anyways, the internet was seven-colours of shook at the suggestion and poured onto Twitter to share their amusement.

Others warned his lady to be careful, in case he was channeling the spirit of Tebogo.

If you need a reminder of Tebogo, peep this…

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