Former Generations Zikhona Sodlaka who was known as Prisca in the soapie has been slammed with charges of assault. Zikhona is also known for her roles in Rythmn City and Phakama in Intsika.

She has been arrested for allegedly assaulting her landlord identified as Ms B J McDonalds after she was approached for rent. Zikhona is said to have been having problems in paying rent.

The incident took place on the 11th of November last year at Zikhona’s apartment in Northcliff. The matter was later reported at Sophiatown Police Station.


According to the statement, the previous tenant moved out and let her in without the landlord’s knowledge. When the landlord approached her for rent she then grabbed her by the hand and threw her out of the flat.

Zikhona has in turn opened a counter charge against the landlord saying she stole her lamp. The landlord did not deny these allegations saying it was her lamp.

Both Zikhona and the landlord refused to coment. Police spokesperson Mavela Masundo has confirmed the two cases.

Source : SA Rich