Actress Motsoaledi Setumo has opened up about how a car accident left her mother quadriplegic and how she struggled to cope with it because no one in her family was willing to talk to her about it.

The actress told the Trending SA panel of presenters that even though her mother’s accident made her life a bit more difficult, she drew strength from her mother who is ever-smiling.

“My mother is the strongest woman I know. I think she smiles more than I do. I’ve never seen my mother cry because she says that she can never cry by herself. Because the next person will always see that she’s crying because they literally have to wipe her tears or her,” she said.

The actress said that she still finds it difficult to watch her mother in that state but is inspired by her strength.

Motsoaledi explained that her mother’s accident had happened when she was only 8-years-old and that two years prior, her parents had divorced.

She added that she had to stay with family members, who “don’t believe in sharing” or “opening up about things”, which made it difficult as she couldn’t speak to anyone.

“When I was eight, my mother was involved in a car accident that left her quadriplegic. My parents had divorced when I was six so I stayed with family. It was very difficult. I was a loner. I kept to myself but I didn’t share much. But I went through a lot because I admired and loved my mom, I was with her all the time and then the accident happened I took a knock. It was really bad, especially because nobody really sat down and asked me ‘how are you doing Motsoaledi?’ to date,” she said.

Motsoaledi burst into the spotlight as Thabi, the raunchy young woman in Generations: The Legacy, who trended on social media for having featured in a number of explicit scenes.

Her scenes included things like smooching, revealing outfits, and whips, which irked some viewers of the soapie.

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