Humbulani Tsharani is Mulimisi Negota on Muvhango. He has landed himself a role as Mulimisi years ago and has not looked back since then. His grandfather was a sangoma and he died while Humbulani was still a kid.

Humbulani was born in Tshino, Venda in Limpopo 34 years ago. Humbulani is very different to Mulimisi in real life. He is a devoted Christian and goes to church every Sunday. He also play the piano in church. Mulimisi n the other hand is a powerful traditional healer.

Fans often gives him trouble when they meet him in public places especially the elders. They think he is a traditional healer in real life and when they meet him they kneel down and ask him for help. They even go on to ask him about their lives which he is not aware of. Some ask for muti and some ask for him to help their families. He is just Humbulani Tsharani.

His other fans understand that he is just acting and is not a traditional healer in real life. The church members understands him better than anyone else as they know him from years while he was still a kid.

Catch Humbulani Tsharani as Mulimisi on Muvhango weekdays at 21h00 on SABC 2.