Oros Mampofu was popularly known for his role on Skeem Saam as the cool Jama who went on to win Emkay’s girlfriend Ayanda. His role was cut when he died at a party organized by a famous football player. Fans are still missing him on Skeem Saam and are wondering whether he will be re-introduced again.

Can you identify Oros Mampofu in the picture? Maybe, maybe not.

Oros has a twin brother named Prince. The Mampofu twins are very identical in such a manner that if you did not grow up with them or their vicinity; you may have difficulty in identify each one of them.

Oros is well known for his role in SABC1 Sepedi soapie (Skeem Saam). He plays Jama, the roommate of the playful and CJB Emkay at Guateng University’s students’ residence.

They almost share a single African name. Oros’s name is Nkokheli while Prince go by the name Mkhokheli.