Lebogang Elephant is popularly known as Mr. Kgomo of Skeem Saam. He has been part of the drama series since season 4. Lebogang is very talented in acting and has earned himself a lot of respect in the industry. His biography is a long one and those who know him from his childhood are not surprised by his current progress in acting.

Apart from Skeem Saam, Lebogang also had a few roles in the television industry including on Wild at Heart, Heartlines, Generations, Zero Tolerance, and Hill Side. Skeem Saam is the reason he is now one of the fans best actors and he is enjoying every moment with the fans.

As Mr. Kgomo on Skeem Saam, he is an administrative manager at the Turfloop Hospital. He is one of the dedicated employees in the hospital and does his job without any favours. He has also encountered a lot of problems with regard to staff members not doing their job properly from nurses to receptionists.

MaNtuli is Mr. Kgomo’s worst staff member and she has broken each and every rule that is available for employees but Mr. Kgomo has managed to talk to her on a number of occasions and still failed as she never stopped her behavior. Wallet is another headache to Mr. Kgomo as he is always gossiping while at work.

MaNtuli’s brother has just lost a cleaning contract at the hospital and Mr. Kgomo has awarded the tender to another Mr. Kgomo who will be taking over at the hospital. Now MaNtuli and her brother are facing to choose between the tender and saving Mantuli’s job as Mr. Kgomo has managed to push them to the corner as they claim that the other Mr. Kgomo is related to him.