There was a time when female celebrities waited longer to get married or chose not to because getting married would make them ‘lose their cool’ or their ‘male following’.

Now some of the sought after and gorgeous celebs are leading the way in proving that you can have a successful career in showbiz and be a wife.

Check out these celeb hotties who are proof you can have it all.

1. Minnie Dlamini recently asked her fans to call her Mrs Jones

Screenshot - 7_11_2017 , 7_17_19 PM

2. Nandi Madida often gushes about Mr Madida

Screenshot - 7_11_2017 , 7_17_38 PM
3. Linda Mtoba has become known as Mrs Husband

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4. Simz Ngema often shares how much she loves her hubby

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5. Zizo Tshwete and Mayi are everyone’s husband and wife goals