Lockdown and Uzalo actress Thandeka Dawn “MaNgcobo” King said she was too “frustrated” by the 9 to 5 office job she had in the tourism industry. “I went through depression until I realised that I couldn’t do it anymore” said the actress.

Thandeka then decided to join the Durban theatre production in 2010 and broke into the industry within two years. She made her first debut on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Inkaba. The actress has captured the hearts of South Africans with her current starring role on Lockdown, the new Mzansi Magic TV drama

“I was exposed to tourism as a hotel tour guide. I later became regional manager of a hotel chain. Eventually, I outgrew that and ventured into sales and marketing but deep down my passion was to be a performing artist” said Thandeka

The actress further added that God had a plan for her and he wanted her to mature first so she could be able to handle the fame. She also went to and explained that her role on Lockdown is totally different from what she has done before