She advises other artists to check up on what is owed to them to ensure they’re being paid what they deserve.
Taking to Twitter to share her experience in the form of a thread, musician Nandi Madida claims she was almost robbed of half a million (presumably rands) in revenue from publishing rights for a song she had worked on.

“Now I know why artists die poor even though they have millions due to them… it’s so sad. Myself and my friend almost became a victim in one case,” wrote the singer.

Shen went on to lament about how she almost lost out on the money in 2017 and that she would not have gotten it had it not been for the team she had hired.

She then went on to warn other artists to be vigilant in order to avoid finding themselves in the same position.

Madida is not the first or the last artist to wax lyrical about the woes of the music business.

The likes of AKA, Cassper, and most recently Reason have all weighed in.

Perhaps someday, in an idyllic utopian future, South Africans from all walks of life won’t have to take to Twitter to make threads of this nature.

The Citizen