Even though being in the entertainment industry comes with a certain set of expectations, 7de Laan actor Theodore Jantjies does not conform to those expectations, and has no interest in being famous.

The actor told Actor Spaces that he does not feel obliged to do media interviews becayse he “owes” it to fans, because all he is interested in is the art.

“You must know what you aim to do. When I get calls from the media saying you owe it to your viewers to do this, that’s bullsh*t. I don’t owe anyone anything. I’m not doing acting because I want to be on magazine covers, I’m not here to be famous!”


He explained that he’s actually an introvert and felt it was an important trait to have when you’re in this industry.

The actor said he loved the opportunity to be an inspiration to young people and does motivational talks across the country to contribute to making the country better.

However, he reiterated that “being famous” was never one of the reasons he pursued a career in acting.

“Everybody wants to be famous, they upload a video on YouTube and they feel like they’ve made it. They want to take pictures with me and socialize with me but that’s not why I do what I do. I know that I’ve been given this amazing platform to reach out to young people and that’s what I do.”