One that’s clear for The Queen viewers is that having a friend like Petronella means there will never be a shortage of advice even if English is butchered along the way.

It is becoming harder and harder for tweeps to imagine a world without Petronella, either fictional or non-fictional. On Wednesday night’s episode, when Petronella sat down to have tea with Vee, she shared some pearls of wisdom as she usually does.

Pleading with Vee to give Zack a chance, Petronella cautioned her to remember that a person is always “guilty until proven innocent!โ€ She probably meant to say “innocent until proven guilty” but well… you get the point don’t ya?

Can Petronella just win all the awards already?

Just look how serious she was as she murdered that English phrase. Leadership!

We were all actually done with The Queen after that… like we just all died.

The memes are proof!




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