Twitter users believe they need therapy after watching another heart-wrenching episode of Mzansi Magic’s Please Step In, where ra_pe and heartbreak were evidently tearing a family apart.

The show’s host Angie Diale sat down with a family who approached the relationship-themed reality show for intervention. The mother opened up about being ra_ped when she was younger, which led to her not showing affection to her children. Her “withdrawal” led to her daughters feeling abandoned and as a result found themselves fighting with their mother.

Executive producer of the show Basetsana Kumalo also took to her Instagram to share how hard it is to produce such an emotional show, which reveals real issues faced in families.

“Producing this show is not easy, the painful stories from our people leave one distressed but the fact that people write to us wanting to resolve family issues, gives hope to many that there is possible light at end of the tunnel, no matter the past,” she wrote.

Twitter users filled the platform with comments and memes:

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