Monday 8 January 2018
Episode 4846

Gabriel’s court appearance is looming and while he hustles to find a lawyer, Nikiwe isn’t looking forward to reliving her trauma. Anja keeps up her lie of having passed Matric. Morongwa appears to ask Lerato and Kgothalo for a job.

Tuesday 9 January 2018
Episode 4847

Gabriel has to cover when his scoop on Nikiwe comes up short and Nina is confronted by the harsh truth of her life.

Anja keeps her lie going and Zandre feels defeated when Hendrik works hard to convince him to pick a career that’s more serious than drawing pretty pictures. Morongwa’s first day is off to a bad start but Enhle covers for her.

Wednesday 10 January 2018
Episode 4848


Gabriel finally has his day in court and Nikiwe gets an unexpected call. Hendrik and Lalage put pressure on their children to get organised for varsity. Morongwa’s magic hands leave everyone confused.

Thursday 11 January 2018
Episode 4849

As Gabriel prepares himself for a harsh sentence, Nina has her own plans. When an angry Lalage has had enough of Anja’s run around, Anja knows she can’t keep up her lie any longer. Morongwa snubs Pipiliza and he throws her under the bus.

Friday 12 January 2018
Episode 4850

As Nikiwe decides to move on from all the drama with Gabriel and Nina, Gabriel ponders just how much he owes Nina now. Anja feels the pressure as Zandre pressures her to come clean but Hendrik has Zandre in the cross hairs. Morongwa tries to manage Enhle and Pipiliza but it all blows up in her face.