Monday 31 July 2017
Episode 4731

Sechaba tells Ofentse that he’s no longer content with being the good guy who finishes last and wants to be number one. Zandre hyperventilates on the couch as Anja looks on with worry. Morongwa checks out topless Thabang.

Tuesday 1 August 2017
Episode 4732

Ofentse shows Sechaba who is boss and this pushes Ofentse further into the enemy corner. A family member comes to Zandre’s rescue when bullies attack him. Morongwa gets a chance to splurge Gatanga’s money.

Wednesday 2 August 2017
Episode 4733

Sechaba and Ofentse’s dispute is interrupted by an unexpected visitor. Wendy confronts Zandre about being attacked the previous day. Will he tell her the truth? Morongwa and Wendy try to persuade Pipiliza, the security guard, to delete the security footage, but he has an interesting demand.

Thursday 3 August 2017
Episode 4734

Lerato wants Sechaba to come clean with the rest of the family about her condition. Anja’s detective work makes her and Wendy realise the truth about Zandre. Pipiliza abuses his free food deal with Morongwa.

Friday 4 August 2017
Episode 4735

Ntate Chefu reassures Sechaba of his position as a Moloi clan leader but encourages him to look at other options to have a child. Hendrik gives Zandre an ultimatum: show up for the mine work interview or move out. Gatanga is shocked to receive an sms notification showing a R7000 transaction on his card made at the Duncan.