Kgothalo (Katlego Danke) is feeling jaded after being left in The Deep by her businessman hubby Tyson (Shona Ferguson) and she blames his fling Angelique (Shannon Esra). On a revenge mission, Kgothalo tries to trash the human rights lawyer’s reputation by accusing Angie on Wednesday of manipulating evidence while defending disgraced businessman and killer Lincoln (Lindani Nkosi). Although even Kgothalo can’t be expecting the steps that her target takes…

“Angie is facing disbarment and losing her licence to practice law,” explains Shannon. “Angie feels like she has nowhere to go and nobody to turn to as it’s beneath her to seek out her family and friends for help. She has a massive ego and refuses to let people see her as vulnerable.” The only person she’d allow in is Tyson and Angie tries to get in touch with him on Thursday 13 April while she’s anxiously awaiting the court’s ruling on her trial conduct. “The waiting drives her insane and Tyson doesn’t respond,” adds Shannon.

With court-ordered suspension hang- ing over her head on Tuesday 18 April, Angie’s emotions reach a new low and Shannon says that “her career is her life. She worked hard to get to where she is and she refuses to believe that it could all be over within seconds.” Angie hits the bottle in her search for comfort and one drink turns into two and then three… “and before she realises, Angie is drunk and that’s a bad thing – she ends up suicidal and grabs a bottle of pills to end things,” reveals Shannon.

Angie’s troublemaker father Conrad (Deon Coetzee) finds her unconscious on Wednesday 19 April and Shannon hints that his actions “will surprise our audience. Angie is rushed to hospital and news gets around. Her attempted suicide gets The Deep talking”. The next day, Thursday 20 April, Kgothalo visits Angie but she’s not there to call a truce: she makes it clear that she’ll take Angie down in a blink to save her marriage. “The situation that Angie is in is extremely dark,” says Shannon, “and now audiences will see a very different side to her.”

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