The 25 year old rising star has never shared any details of her love life since becoming a household name thanks to her hilarious character on Uzalo.

But in a new Instagram post posted on Valentine’s Day morning, Gugu shared how her love life is set up saying she normally doesn’t share because it’s not anybody’s business.

‘The Holy Spirit led me to share this with someone who might be on the same boat. I am single, and I have been single for 3 years. I decided to wait on God to lead me and prepare me to be the best wife to a deserving man some day,” she shared.


Gugu says sometimes she suffers from extreme loneliness especially when she’s on Instagram where everyone posts relationship goals. Gugu also shared some advice to single ladies.

“This is normal. I am, however, determined and sure of God’s unwavering wisdom with what’s best for me. I am my own Valentine. To whoever is alone – you’re not alone. Don’t allow peer pressure to stray you away from God’s plan for your life.”

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