A Facebook fraudster associates Jessica’s name with unfavourable content.

Fake social media pages are quite common these days and when you’re a celebrity who comes across fake social media pages almost on a daily basis, you tend to overlook them becuase, well, there are much more important things to worry about in life.

However, this was not the case with Jessica Nkosi who went into a fiery rage of anger after finding out that there’s a fake Facebook account of her that is posting explicit sexual content.


The entertainment sweetheart is known for her calm demeanor and kindness so you can imagine how shocked we were when we saw this post.



So you can only imagine how shocked we were to see a lady like Jessica tweeting such. We actually thought she was hacked but she wasn’t.

Jessica was so mad she even expressed that she was about to break into tears.



Which is understandable, being associated with such vile content can potentially cause a huge dent on a celebrity’s brand image and Jessica was just not having it.


Hopefully the page has been reported and taken down. If you see anything about Jessica Nkosi posted on Facebook and it is out of her character, just know it’s not her.