Jessica Nkosi is one of the biggest brands in Mzansi, the rising star has been on Isibaya since its inception and her role has grown with the show.

She is one of the most beautiful women in South Africa and she is opening up about the negative side of being conventionally beautiful

Speaking to Aryle on TouchHD she said, “Growing up as a young girl I saw that as someone who was considered pretty, the first thing that comes is that you think you are better. At the same time even as I get older I still see that. Some people think you are dumb, while others think you are annoying.” she said.
She then went on to say “I have people who know me well and that’s my late dad, my mom, my best friend Ayanda and my spiritual father. Those people know me at my best and my worst and that’s whose opinion I value the most,”

“I am a softie at heart, I may come off as being hard but I cry easily, but I only breakdown in front of certain people who won’t use my vulnerability against me.” Jessica added.
Jessica is currently taking a break from Isibaya while she films a lifestyle show on BET.