If you take a close enough look at these celebrity kids then you might start to see some similarities between Kairo(2) and Madison(3).

We all know that the North God and SupaMega are really close and their relationship has been passed on to their daughters. By default Kairo and Madison will be brought around the same circles.

A lot of drama might surround their parents but thankfully these two young ladies have been shielded from all of that and are happily enjoying their childhood as the best of friends.

Here are just some of the few pictures of the two we’ve come to love.


Their parents sure know how to dress them well.


If you take a closer look at these two, you can actually start to see similarities in them.

Both Kairo and Madison have parents that are well off so naturally, they’ll have the best of everything.

These days it’s difficult to come across any pictures of Kairo since both her parents and close friends around them have respected their wishes to keep her off social media.

Madison, on the other hand, is all over both her mom and dad’s accounts and if she’s not goofing around with her friend Kairo, she is enjoying the best of the good life that we all know her father can provide.



Look how cute they both look when they’re asleep…ncaaaw!



They’re inheriting their parent’s great work ethic already.



Kairo and Madison always attend each others birthday parties and they are becoming more close as they grow. This is them at Kairo’s second birthday party.


Don’t they just look like they’re about to go get the other kids who have been mean to them?