No amount of punishment or revenge can ever make one forget and heal from the pain and trauma of being violated but seeing the predators getting some sort of punishment surely gives some sort of joy.

Well one of the greatest actresses in Mzansi, Florence Masebe was violated at the age of 11 by her Uncle who couldn’t couldn’t control his thirst. The most painful part is that relatives defended and protected this uncle including his mother and wife.

However ,some say that Karma may delay but it surely never forgets any address and no matter how much time it takes,one day it will deliver. This uncle that violated Flo is now suffering from stage 4 cancer and Flo is not an ounce sad about it, infact she is even thinking of buying a dress.

She posted this on Twitter and has since been receiving consolation messages from her fans saying that she shouldn’t be sad at all.

Fans flooded her tweet with comments consoling her for the traumatic experience she endured and said good riddance to her uncle, some also said karma is paying him back


Source : SA Rich