Diski Diva Sibongile Masuku Says,many people assume she is dumb because of her “bad English” when she is in fact a qualified paramedic who resigned from her job to focus on her family.

“I was a paramedic by profession. A practising paramedic‚ but most people don’t know that. Instead they assume that I am dumb because I am a Diski Diva. That’s not the case‚ I just happen to be a wife of a soccer player but that’s not all that I am‚” she said.

Sibongile explained that she practised as a full time paramedic until earlier this year when she resigned to be a ‘stay at home’ mother. She’s a mother of two: A 7-year-old boy and 3-year-old daughter.

The reality TV star added that with her husband often being away from home because of soccer matches‚ her children needed stability and being a paramedic made it hard for her to be present in their lives.

“I loved that job‚ but it was so hectic to be honest. When faced with the choice‚ I chose my kids. I resigned in February this year so I could be there for them when they need me — to go to my son’s soccer matches and to see my daughter’s milestones. I need to be their mother‚” she explained.

Sibongile explained that when she is not participating in activities for Diski Divas‚ she is looking after her kids.