Veteran actress and internationally acclaimed Sarafina movie star Leleti Khumalo
quit SABC1’s Uzalo after receiving an offer she could not refuse.

“People have been forming stories around why I left Uzalo. To set the record straight, there is no bad blood between me and Uzalo producers,” Khumalo said. “The reason I left was because the offer I was given was irresistible.”

This week Khumalo was unveiled as the leading lady in the new Duma Ndlovu-produced drama series Imbewu: The Seed, a ground-breaking local show expected to premiere on in April.

“I was offered a leading role and to crown it all, to become an executive producer of the very same show where I play a lead role.”

She was excited because “it is the first time that I will be part of a production team. In this industry we all want to grow.

“I’ve been acting for more than three decades now. It is an opportunity I could not resist.”
“And, as tradition dictates, I am secretly impregnated by my brother-in-law, without my husband knowing about it. I have to live with that secret all my life.”

Khumalo said it was not true that her unceremonious departure from Uzalo was as a result of disagreements regarding her salary.

“It was an amicable agreement,” Khumalo said.