Former Muvhango actor and Speak Out host Lesley Musina has broken his silence about the manner in which he was unceremoniously fired from the SABC2 soapie.

Many fans of the soap opera believed it was a case of his storyline ending and that he would return later. But Musina, who played Ndalamo Mukwevho, sang a different tune.

“The way it happened … it was not pretty, It was not amicable,” he said. “As our contracts run from September 1 to August 31 of the following year, I was informed in the middle of the current season that I was no longer part of the cast.”

Musina, 36, played the role of Ndalamo for more than five years for the soapie celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

“… I’m not going back. There’s no hope I would return.

“It’s not up to me. The way it happened I thought maybe Ndalamo was going to the US and would be back. It was so abrupt and gave me no time to absorb everything.”

In a statement, Muvhango’s publicist Amanda Ngudle said writers of the show were not able to craft a big story for Musina. “He is such a prominent character, it would have been shameful to just let him float through without a gripping storyline, hence we had to let him go.”

The former Generations actor said he was now dedicating his time on fighting for the rights of consumers on his investigative show Speak Out, flighted on the same platform.

“My focus is solely on Speak Out. I’ve been looking forward to this day of being a consumer activist since 2012 when I first auditioned.

“I didn’t even know there were auditions after Dingaan (Mokebe-kaKhumalo, the previous host) left, although he did tell me he was leaving. “I received a call back and went for the last auditions … I had to do some research and familiarise myself with the Consumer Protection Act.

Sunday World