For two weeks, Skeem Saam actor, Macks Papo, became a victim of intimidation and death threats. He received phone calls from stalkers who threatened to kill him, his son and torch his mother’s house with her in it. The 52 year old tells SASoapies that a bitter ex was paying a government employee to cower him. Finding than ex was part of the plot was hideous, but that didn’t prepare the actor from finding out that his current girlfriend was also in the mix.

An ex was the brains behind the scheming and the threats. She was suing the actor’s current girlfriend to follow his every move and she sued it to intimidate him. The veteran actor says the two unknowingly made his life miserable in a short period of time. He says that he would receive phone calls form unknown numbers, all from the same person threatening to tarnish his name by telling everyone that like his character on Skeem Saam, he is a blesser. The actor who plays Marothi says what got to him most were the threats to have his family killed. “These people were playing on my emotions and they were so good because they knew everything about me and my family,” he says.

Even though he was startled, Macks says he never for a second thought of giving in. The Mamelodi-born actor says the man was a government employee and says he was the one who was communicating with him through the phone calls. It was later found that his then girlfriend was part of the two week torture. The two have since parted ways and the actor says to this day, he’s still not sure what the three wanted. “They had me in a corner, but I am not a coward. I know people in high places and they helped me get to the root of the matter,” he says.

The three were caught in their own little game. The actor says the woman confessed and apologized. He says the man, who was paid, has since been fired for misusing the state’s resources to threaten and intimidate him.

Source : Online