Isidingo starlet Makgotso M is spreading a strong and positive message of self-love after she became a victim of bullying over her Angelina Jolie-esque luscious lips.

The 25-year-old actress, who grew up in England, revealed that her signature bee-stung lips were one of the reasons that she was subjected to school bullying in her adolescence years.

Makgotso was born in South Africa and in 2003 she moved to England with her mother.

“When I was about 11 I moved to England. Prior to that I lived in Alberton and I loved my life then.

“I was a kid in primary school living in my own bubble and that bubble got popped when I moved to England. I felt very foreign and that I didn’t belong,” Makgotso said.

“I got bullied a lot. It was the voluptuous lips. It was the South African accent. A lot of the time I kept quiet. At one stage I decided ‘no’ I want to stand up for myself.”

After obtaining her degree in theatre and film from Brunel University London, the fresh-faced beauty returned to SA in 2014 to pursue a career in acting. Her journey to the top has not been easy. She said that she had lost out on a role because of her full, pouty lips.

She said that now she was famous, people on social media tend to make snotty remarks about her lips.

“I didn’t get a role on something. I won’t mention them, but they said my lips were too big. That was frustrating and I was very angry, but then I found out a few weeks later that I got Muvhango so it was just like ‘whatever’.

“You know ‘Black Twitter’ is funny, but sometimes it can get to you. You learn not to care about people who don’t matter and I’m not going to invest my energy in something like that.”

Makgotso urged anyone dealing with bullying not to remain silent, but rather to speak out and seek help.

“If you are getting bullied, tell someone about it. Tell your parents. There is always someone willing to listen. Don’t let people define who you are, know who you are for yourself. People are always going to have opinions and that’s OK. Just work on you.

“Two things get me through it all, I have an amazing mother and my faith – I’m Christian. It teaches me self-love and God’s love. This is who I am, this is how I look like and I’m not going to perform some surgery.”

Last year was a big year for the break-out star. She snagged big roles in four huge shows that have stretched her acting talents and showcased her impressive range.

For starters she plays vixen Kamogelo Tsotetsi on Isidingo, who is currently pregnant by her best friend’s boyfriend. She had the country buzzing as deranged Onika on Muvhango last year.

Her role as clairvoyant heroine Thishiwe on Mzansi Magic drama Is’thunzi has won her thousands of fans and she’s about to shoot the hit show’s anticipated second season.

She is also dazzling viewers as Nandi, a varsity student obsessed with blessers, on Sunday night’s Saints & Sinners. Makgotso teases that it’s only the beginning.

Born Makgotso Monyemokethoe to a Zulu mother and Pedi father, she opted to go under the moniker Makgotso M because people always got her long surname wrong.

As far as her romantic life is concerned she is newly single and loving it.

“I wasn’t necessarily in a relationship, but I was in a situation.

“I’m currently trying to learn from that experience, just work on myself, loving myself and reprimanding myself,” she concluded.