Moroka heir Mazwi (Musa Ngema) has control over the women in his life. He has pushed estranged wife Sphe (Pearl Monama) further away. He has everyone convinced that baby Rorisang (Lethukuhle Jiyane) is his when he knows that he’s infertile.

And he is rekindling his affair with his ex-fiancée Nolwazi (Thando Thabethe) on Thursday 6 July. But that romance isn’t going to end in hugs and kisses and cuddles. Instead, Nolwazi’s bestie Getty (Andisiwe Dweba) is going to send Mazwi into a rage by revealing a not-so-sexy secret from Nolwazi.

“Mazwi’s in the right place at the right time [on Thursday 6 July],” says Musa. “Nolwazi opens up about her kidnap ordeal in March 2017 [while they work late at Ezweni Communications].” Mazwi knows that she started dating his brother-in-law Fana (Mnqobi Duma) after they broke up in January this year but Musa adds, “Mazwi never stopped loving her.”

When they broke up, he told her that he would never be with her again – he needed to be seen as a family man and avoid scandal and “he’s tried to contain his feelings because she is dating Fana. But they have a connection that keeps bringing them back together.” Nolwazi feels it too but she’s confused on Tuesday 11 July. She tells Getty that she wants to have her cake (Fana) and to eat it (Mazwi), unaware that her bestie is completely against Nolwazi dating Mazwi. “Then she tells Getty about her seduction plan,” says Musa. That gives Getty an idea – if she tells Mazwi that Nolwazi is lying to him, they won’t get back together and then her friend won’t get hurt again, explains Musa.

Mazwi thinks that he’s getting back together with Nolwazi and that he’s the only one for her, but Getty brings him back down to Earth on Friday 14 July. “She warns Mazwi to stay away,” says Musa. “Mazwi discovers that he’s being two-timed and that Nolwazi is still dating his brother-in-law. He is furious and confronts her [later that day].” Nolwazi has egg on her face and doesn’t know what to say, but on the inside she’s fuming.

She takes out her anger on Getty on Tuesday 18 July for stabbing her in the back. Musa says that “it’s so tense between the friends. Getty is now caught in the middle of this fight. She didn’t realise that saving her friend’s heart would lead to her and Nolwazi’s friendship suffering”.