Paseka Koetle stole the hearts of many when she took on the role of the feisty and slick mouthed Didi on Etv’s Scandal! Since then, she’s been the talk of the town since. Her quick responses and over the top attitude sent viewers way over their heads and has made us fall in love with her time and time again.


For those who have never seen or met Paseka in real life, let’s just say that she and her Didi are one in the same. If you follow her social media platforms then you’re bound to draw a comparison to her and her on-screen character.

As a loud and as out-spoken as Didi is, Paseka kind of shares the same characteristics in her real life as well.

The actress who often lives a private life has found a fun way to let us know how she feels about certain issues in society. Vloggers have become really big in the entertainment industry and while people like LaSizwe may lead the pack and be widely known for their videos, people like Paseka use the platform to express themselves in a much more comedic way.


The Scandal! actress has started a something she calls “Mqoqo Friday” which entails her being a presenter of the project and at times has fellow actors and actresses as guest stars.

Paseka has found a non-biased, creative and funny way to tell her story.

What is unique about Paseka is not only is she one of the few females who have joined the list of funny people on social media, but she does it in her home language, Sesotho, and even for a person who doesn’t understand what she’s saying, her facial expressions are enough to give you an understanding of what she’s talking about.

Here are some of our favorite “Moqoqo Friday” moments with Mapaseka Koetle.
Who knew Lusanda aka “Boniswa” from Scandal! is actually this much fun. Look how she goes down like Zodwa Wabantu, she nailed it including that “vosho” that some of us are still struggling with.

Tholukuthi we don’t know our dialogue. @kagisomodupe

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This one speaks to many females out there, we are out here stunting on the ‘gram yet our “fadoeko” looks like it’s used to mop the floor. Take it from Paseka, bleach the dishcloth before you bleach your face.


Don’t wear ditopo ko monte casino please o tla bona mgijimi ka lepona. 📹 @lusandambane

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How funny is this?
This is by far our favorite, her parody following the Tholukuthi Hey! movement with fellow actor and on-screen ex-husband Kagiso Modupe was everything. How funny is this?