Ruthless businesswoman Khomotjo (Rami Chuene) wants her dead ex-hubby Lerumo’s (John Morapama) money and she will do anything to get it. That includes having Lerumo’s widow Serithi (Molobane Mbatha) threatened with death.

We saw Khomotjo’s henchman Bobo (Charles Baloyi) breaks into the Mojafela mansion on 31 October and putting a gun on Serithi’s head. He’s been told to make her give up her claim to Lerumo’s estate and Molobane says that : “Serithi is petrified she will di if she does not do as she is told”. Sensing no way out on Tuesday 1 November. Serithi starts to face the reality “that she will never see justice done,” explains the actress. Serithi married Lerumo as part of her scheme to make the Mukwevhos pay for the heartache they caused when she fell pregnant by varsity boyfriend Gizara (David Sebe) and wanting pay-back is something she shares with Khomotjo. “They are both bitter but the reasons for their actions differ,” Malobane explains. “Khomotjo wants money, while Serithi wants to see the Mukwevhos brought down to earth”

But as Serithi prepares to wave her white flag, Thandaza arrives on Thursday, 3 November. Bobo panics and takes Thandaza hostage too, with Malobane explaining that “Thandaza was worried when punctual Serithi never arrived for their business meeting on Monday 31 October, so she came looking for her”. And the ladies are joined on Thursday 3 November when Gizara arrives to see Serithi, oblivious of what’s going on.

Three heads are better than two and on Friday 4 November, the hostages go to work on Bobo. “They try to convince Bobo that Khomotjo is using him and that he should turn against her,” says Molobane. Unbelievably it works and the greedy Bobo turns on Khomotjo on Monday 7 November, but before anything can happen, Khomotjo grabs Bobo’s gun and points it at Serethi.

A gunshot rings out and Gizara leaps to save Serithi, but if anything “it’s made her more determined to take down the Mukwevho family. She trusts absolutely nobody,” hints Molobane.