Trouble is brewing for Mzansi’s favorite soapie, Muvhango after it has emerged that there is a major crisis at the SABC 2 prime time soapie. The recent exodus of fan favorite characters has also caused panic and if the latest rumor is true, more characters will leave the soapie. Or it’s doors will close for good.

This comes after it emerged millions of rands meant for production was mismanaged and disappeared. The funds are believed to range into the million – approximately R4,5 million to be precise. The ripple effect means actors will not be paid their salaries and without actors, the show will seize to exist.

Millions of South Africans watch Muvhango daily, according to the the SABC database. Muvhango is penned and produced by Duma Ka Ndlovu and the producer and top producers have been in back to back meeting trying to find a solution to the ‘lost’ money.

A reliable source was quoted saying : “I think we’ve had problems in the past. But this one is the worst because people could be left jobless. Someone was driven by greed and it’s unfair. Duma Ka-Ndlovu and other producers from word Of mouth have been having back-to-back meetings.”

Producers are said to have been trying to come up with plans and have brought out their begging bowls in order to get money for salaries and the day to day running of the popular soapie.

However, Muvhango’s publicist, Ngudle Amanda, had a different story and has poured water to the claims. “A forensic investigation has led to the suspension of an accounts employee at Word Of Mouth Pictures and investigations are continuing,” she said.

“There shall be no job losses. In fact, we have signed new contracts with all employees, with the exception of Phindile Gwala, who resigned last month.”