Mzansi please pray for Dumisani Mbebe. In these trying times we are facing as a country and the world at large one should always look out for their loved ones as one can never tell with this covid-19. Due to the virus a lot of people are dying hence when we get news that someone has been hospitalized we can’t help but conclude that it is because of the virus.

Mzansi Please Pray For Dumisani Mbebe - Video

Seems many of our celebrities are prone to the virus due to their frequent travels. Number of our celebrities have already succumbed to the virus already. South African actor Dumisani Mbebe recently took to social media and shared a picture of himself in a hospital he went on to caption it with ” WE CONTINUE THE FIGHT”. Many people were quick to conclude that he was referring to covid-19 as that is the only diseases we are fighting together as a country. However Dumisani Mbebe made it clear that he has not been infected with virus.

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We just hope he is saying the truth and that he doesn’t get infected with it anytime soon. On many occasions people went negative of the virus to the hospital and left the hospital positive we just hope that won’t happen to our favourite and talented actress.

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