No one crosses jail-breaker Nkunzi (Masoja Msiza) and lives to tell the tale. He’s out for vengeance on Wednesday 5 July and wants to murder his step-son and former right-hand-man Mxolisi (Nay Maps Maphalala) while holding him captive in a rundown house. “Nkunzi is back in monster-mode,” laughs Masoja.

While Nkunzi doesn’t uphold high morals and would kill someone in cold blood to get money, family comes first to him. But he can’t spare Mxolisi, who secretly partnered with the police to put him behind bars in mid-June 2017. “Nkunzi has a lot of things going through his mind: he needs money to flee town but before that, he wants to get rid of Mxolisi for good,” says Masoja.

Mxolisi is hopeless and fighting for his life later that day – and it’s only going to get worse. His good- guy biological dad Pastor Mdletshe (Glen Gabela) is searching for him after realising that he’s been missing for a couple of days. “Pastor Mdletshe is furious! He believes that Nkunzi has him and he rushes to save Mxolisi,” says Masoja.

Pastor Mdletshe doesn’t leave any stones unturned and searches all over KwaMashu until he almost walks into Mxolisi and Nkunzi. Pastor Mdletshe has always wanted to bring down the bad-guys and keep the community safe, like when he took down gangster Muzi (Mpumelelo Bhulose) in 2015. “This time, Pastor Mdletshe is fighting for his son. He wants to protect Mxolisi before Nkunzi finishes him off. It’s a matter of life and death,” says Masoja. “Someone will die here!”

“Nkunzi is annoyed and irritate on Thursday 6 July when Pastor Mdletshe ruins his plans,” says Masoja. “They start swinging and throwing fists at each other, it’s such a mess,” Nkunzi has been on a kidnapping streak – in late June he took his fiancée MaNgcobo (Dawn Thandeka King) captive for refusing to bail him out of jail and forcing him to break out. “Nkunzi feels like everyone has stabbed him in the back and he doesn’t have any emotions in him,” explains Masoja. Nkunzi overpowers Pastor Mdletshe during their fight and manages to douse the house in petrol before setting it alight.

“Pastor Mdletshe is unconscious in the house. Nkunzi is angry and wants to see Mxolisi and his father burning. He doesn’t have money right now, but that can wait – he wants to know that his enemies have been burnt to a crisp,” says Masoja. But he doesn’t get too far – the cops arrest him before he’s able to get out of town and it’s back to prison. “He looks down for a second and when he looks up again, the cops have surrounded him and this time, there’s no escaping them,” reveals Masoja. “It’s back to prison… and maybe for good.”

Source : Online