Ntando Duma has broken her silence a year after it was speculated that she and Junior De Rocka had split while she was pregnant, with Ntando explaining she thought they would be together forever.

Ntando told Anele Mdoda on Real Talk that they had split over a year ago and she was still coming to terms with it.

“I am glad that I can speak about it now because at first I was so crazy and in denial. Because he was my first, I really thought he would be my last. I saw a future with Junior. Unfortunately things didn’t work out.”

Although she was hesitant to go into details of what caused the breakup she said that she got to a point where she was “tired of fighting” and at times felt like she was in the relationship alone.

However, she praised Junior and said he was a great man who loved his daughter.

Speaking about her pregnancy,Ntando said that she felt something was wrong with her body. She went to the pharmacy and got three pregnancy tests, which all came out negative. She said it was only the tenth test that eventually came out with a positive result.

Junior told TshisaLIVE earlier this year that being a dad is a blessing.

“It was a big surprise, but a pleasant one. It wasn’t planned at all. I love being a dad. It is great and I just want to spend every moment with my daughter. I love spending time with my daughter and things couldn’t be better in my life at the moment. I am glad how everything turned out,” Junior said.

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