It is always a comforting feeling to know that your offsprings are an extension of yourself.

We’ve seen many celebrities show off their kids on social media, and if there’s one thing we cannot ignore about these public figures is that they have some seriously strong genes.

Like Palesa Madiskwane and her daughter Bahumi.


However, throughout the past year, we’ve seen more celebrities share pictures of their kids who are the spitting image of them.

Like celebrity chef – Siba Mtongana and her son Lonwabo.



Musa Mseleku’s genes are quite strong as well. Not only does his eldest son look like him but his youngest son as well. Hmm, no wonder he wants more sons.


Then there’s Arthur Mafokate and his daughter Owami.


And who can forget little Khumo and her dad Tol A$$ Mo, these two are the cutest father/daughter duo we’ve seen in entertainment thus far.