Pasi Koetla is undoubtedly one of the most talented actresses in South Africa. The mom of one lives a very private life and we hardly get glimpses into her private life. Many of us first met the beauty when she bagged the role of Dintle on Scandal and she has since become a household name.

The talented actress recently blessed herself with a brand new convertible car, see the picture below.



We love it when our faves embody a particular character on our TV’s hottest dramas and bring them to life don’t we? But how often do you find yourself saying she’s slaying that character but I know another ZAleb who would slay in that part too?

Don’t you just see a certain character and automatically associate it with a different Zaleb to the one who’s playing them?

It often happens that directors had a different actor in mind but for reasons beyond their control, they had to go with someone else.

Take Scandal!’s Yvonne Langa (nee Thebe) from Scandal played by Kgomotso Christopher. That role was initially intended for Keeping Score’s Sonia Mbele. I mean, in some ways Yvonne and Mmamosa are almost the same person don’t you think?

Source : Online