Just weeks after actor Bongani Masondo revealed that he had left Skeem Saam, one of the show’s most popular actors, Eric Macheru, has reassured fans that he will not be following the star out the door.

Eric, who plays the role of Leeto on the show, told TshisaLIVE that fans have been asking him if he would be next to leave the series.

“They ask me if I will be leaving but I am still okay with Skeem Saam. If anything I will leave to be on a movie. But for now, I am happy at the show and won’t be going anytime soon,” he said.

One of Bongani’s reasons for leaving was that he felt his salary did not reflect the contribution he made on the show.

Eric admitted that the show’s meteoric rise from a weekly youth show to one of the biggest daily soapies in the country had come with its own growing pains.

“I have been there since the beginning (of the series) and I feel like we went from nothing to where we are today very quickly. We skipped a few steps. It was like going to grade one and then being told you were too clever and should just jump to grade four. It’s a massive adjustment because you don’t have all the things you would have gained by growing more gradually,” he explained.