Monday 28 August 2017
Episode 2646

Mapula offers her support to Palesa, making a startling revelation in the process. Fats tracks down Emmanuel. Mampho is offered her old job back. Suffo’s club is searched and a grisly discovery is made. Niki goes into shock as the net closes in.

Tuesday 29 August 2017
Episode 2647

Niki worries that David’s plot against Suffo could land her in jail. The police are hot on Suffocate’s heels. A shell-shocked Emmanuel has returned to the yard. Mampho is in demand at work.

Wednesday 30 August 2017
Episode 2648

Emmanuel approaches Palesa to apologise for everything that has happened. Vega threatens Emmanuel. Mampho pitches Fats’s idea at work. Detective Madikgetla is interviewing Toolkit, Bash and Puleng

Thursday 31 August 2017
Episode 2649

Palesa lies to her mother. Emmanuel feels the pressure when the police start questioning him. Mampho’s interview is a dismal failure. Puleng reveals the texts she received from Themba. Suffo’s alibi is questioned. Niki is irate with David for setting this whole Themba thing in motion.

Friday 1 September 2017
Episode 2650

Mampho calls Fats out. The police charge Suffo with murder, and tension grows between Niki and David.