Monday 8 January 2018
Episode 2741

David has a huge surprise in store for Gail. There is a tragedy at the initiation school. Sis Bee gets her hopes up – again.

Tuesday 9 January 2018
Episode 2742

Pearl might have found the ultimate weapon against David. Suffo urges the police to finally act.

Wednesday 10 January 2018
Episode 2743

Sis Bee discovers the truth about the vouchers. The police are on the tail of Suffo and Sabelo. Jafta gets Rene into trouble. Gail investigates David.

Thursday 11 January 2018
Episode 2744

Sabelo and Suffo come to rescue Dumi, but things don’t turn out the way they planned. Pearl finds further evidence of David’s lies. Rene humiliates Jafta.

Friday 12 January 2018
Episode 2745

Pearl gives Gail proof of who is really behind Big Man’s death. Mampho and Rene lock horns again. Dumisani is hospitalised.