Monday 4 September 2017
Episode 2651

Sabelo is suspicious of Vega and his gang. Mampho screws up her courage and tries again. New DNA evidence resurfaces – but will it be enough to set Suffo free? Palesa attacks a man who hits on her.

Tuesday 5 September 2017
Episode 2652

Niki’s relief at Suffo’s situation is short lived, as the cops turn to a new suspect. Mampho pitches another idea, but Shakes leaves her hanging.

Wednesday 6 September 2017
Episode 2653

Kop investigates the option of paying a private lab for DNA tests for the suspects. Bash throws himself on his sword to protect Niki. In desperation, Niki turns to David for help in freeing Bash. Mampho is drawn to an unlikely love interest.

Thursday 7 September 2017
Episode 2654

Niki tries to persuade Bash to withdraw his confession, but Bash stands firm. Suffocate comes clean with Pearl. Mampho is concerned that Zolani is going to fire her after the airing of the radio segment.

Friday 8 September 2017
Episode 2655

Niki must choose between freeing her brother, and raising her daughter. Mampho’s work satisfaction is short-lived when Shakes takes credit for her segment. Emmanuel goes to apologise to Palesa.