Actor Zweli Dube has found a way to combine being a great actor and being se_xy. The actor is set to impress as Lieutenant Jake Mhamha on a Hollywood blockbuster film set to hit cinemas in 2018.

The film is called Next Assignment: Code Blue and is currently being shot in South Africa. It will also be shot in LA in the USA early next year.

Zweli  would “take the world by storm”.

“Besides being se_xy, God has been good to me. I recently started shooting for an action-thriller blockbuster. It is hitting our screens in 2018. It’s going to take SA, Africa and the world by storm and it will premier in LA,” he said.

The film revolves around an international hitman who finds himself stuck in a web of corruption and betrayal. An international and illegal arms deal hovers abouve him that sees the involvement of a South African Minister of Defence and military agents, all looking to eliminate him.

The actor told TshisaLIVE that he felt like the movie is his “ticket to hollywood”. He added that he plays a lead character and has enjoyed showing off his guns.

“It is a lot of action but nothing like you have seen before. In addition to occasionally finding myself shirtless in the film, I have been enjoying playing my character. I play the lead lieutenant Mhamha, who is also a corrupt cop or double agent. He’s also a ladies’ man but basically he’s the main man,” he explained.

The film is directed by American director Mcil Norman  and is produced Grace Norman.

Watch the promotional trailer below: