This year was hectic in the showbiz industry. We’re not sure if we should blame the competition growth and new artists emerging or lack of great publicity ideas.

It’s not over yet but 2017 has been the year of mothers of all publicity stunts. And what gets people talking than using your romantic relationship to hype your lukewarm work? Some succeeded whilst some failed, check out these top 5 biggest publicity stunts of 2017 so far.

1. AKA and Bonang
To hype his new song at the time called ‘Caiphus Song’, AKA and Bonang faked a break up and ran with it on social media. The couple even publicized a Gucci bag which was all over social media.


2. Bontle and Priddy Ugly
The couple had everyone congratulating them on their “wedding” which wasn’t real. It was all for La Sauce’s music video. Let’s just say social media wasn’t impressed although the video broke YouTube views records.

3. Trevor Gumbi and Lucille
Recently comedian Trevor Gumbi announced his divorce from wife of over a decade. Few days later, he also announced his upcoming, ‘Divorce Comedy Tour’.


4. Gigi Lamayne
When rapper Gigi Lamayne wanted to drop her song Lobola featuring Maraza, she faked an engagement.



5. DJ Shimza and Kamo Modisakeng
A few weeks ago Kamo and DJ Shimza sparked relationship rumors after flooding social media with baed up photos with cute nicknames. It was all for Shimza’s latest video.