It’s all about sacrafice, supporting each others dreams & respect

With a thriving career in acting and a loving family at home, it’s no wonder Kgomotso Christopher’s life has been nothing but a dream.
But it all did not come easy, the mother and wife spoke to True Love magazine recently and shared how being an actress has had its challenges emotionally and financially but her husband has always believed in her dreams from the beginning.
The couple who met in varsity and have been together for the past 14-years has had to make a lot of sacrifices, one of them being the sacrifice of having a long distance relationship.

“I’m blessed that regardless of the challenges we’ve had, we support each other on so many levels – we put each other’s growth first, ” said Kgomotso.

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Her husband Calvin has a job position that requires him to travel a lot he currently works in Dubai and the family has to juggle between traveling to and from Dubai every now and then.

“What that has afforded for our family, is opening the world to us. Travel has become part of our lives. During school holidays we go to Dubai.”

Kgomotso also told True Love magazine that there was a point where her husband would travel from Dubai every weekend just to be with his family.

“My husband is an amazing dad and when he’s around, he makes sure he’s completely involved.”